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Our Story



Bob Wallace is  a three generation, family run orchard nestled on the banks of Opossum Creek in Central Illinois and along the Wild Rice River in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. The care and dedication to quality that goes into every bottle of our premium wines and juices are a tribute to the legacy of hard work and excellence handed down to us from our fathers, Bob and Wallace. 

Each bottle is hand crafted, using locally grown fruits and berries which are selected and handpicked to ensure that you will enjoy the highest quality possible. 

Our dedication to quality demands that we use no artificial flavorings or colors. Our recipes allow you to savor the bold, crisp, natural flavor of each berry or fruit we select. Quality cannot be rushed. Our wines are carefully aged to enhance flavor and balance. 




Our Legacy Wines

No. 7
Elderberry Blueberry 

I am a unique blend of elderberries and blueberries crafted from berries that are grown in the Bob Wallace Orchard. I am a semi-sweet, full- bodied wine, aged in oak to give me wonderfully complex flavors. Invite me along for a decadent pasta date night or grilling with your friends as I am best served with deep, rich flavored foods and savory dishes. 

No. 12

I am a semi sweet wine with the light, crisp flavors of the freshly picked apples from along the Wild Rice River. I can be enjoyed by myself, but I am best paired with grilled seafood and fresh vegetables. 

No. 17

My flavor is so vivid, it's like biting into a freshly picked raspberry from your grandma's backyard. I am sweet, full-bodied, and compatible with any dessert. Bring me along for the after-dinner party with your friends or keep me at home with a box of chocolates. I am the perfect companion for a pair of heels or a set of slippers. 

No. 21 
Classic Elderberry

I am crafted from only the best, individually chosen elderberries from the Bob Wallace Orchard. I have a semi-sweet flavor that can be paired with any dish. I am gently and smooth and will bring the best immune boosting benefits to our friendship. They call me trendy because I am ready for ANY occasion. You can share me with a meal or enjoy me one on one. But don't let my popularity fool you, I am as loyal as they come. 

No. 22
Old Style Elderberry  

I am the fraternal twin of the Bob Wallace No. 21 wine. Instead of using the whole elderberry, they use just the juice of the berry to create me. This allows me to be softer and lighter bodied. I can be enjoyed by myself, but I blossom at family gatherings with a charcuterie board or a poultry-based meal. Bring me along to meet the in-laws or impress your boss because I will surely win them over.  

No. 38
Raspberry Apple

No. 43
Summer Blend Apple

I am sweet with bold, crisp apple flavors. I am very versatile and accommodating for any type of party but be prepared because I have 'Main Character' energy! My favorite foods are zesty chicken, fish, veggies, and strong cheeses. I am feisty (in a good way) when warm, but extra scrumptious when served chilled.

No. 49
Spiced Apple

Hot apple cider doesn't hold a candle to me! Get out your pumpkins and scarf because my smooth spiced apple flavor will bring a cool autumn day to your experience. Just like my two other apple wine sisters, I am exceptional when chilled. Hang out with me around a crackling fire or take me along to pick pumpkins. I am sure to please!

No. 52
Elderberry Sugar Beet

Wine from Sugar Beets? Oh, you bet cha! I am North Dakotan, born and raised. I am rugged, bold, and filled with earthy tones. I am best enjoyed with foods like a charcoal grilled steak, lutefisk, or lefse. After a hard day of work, pop me open and kick back. The dishes can wait till later.

No. 60
Elderberry Apple

I am the image of refined dining. To know a good wine is to know me. I am created by individually picked elderberries and apples, giving me crisp and decadent flavors. I am full of character and won't let your evenings go stale. I pair well with seafood and poultry, and I love an expensive date night. 

Elderberry Concentrate 

The elderberry is one of the most commonly used plant for medicinal purposes. The elderberry is high in nutrients and antioxidants. It helps support mental health, heart health, and boosts the immune system. It fights bacteria, cancer, cold and flu, and is a natural diuretic.   

Our concentrate is created from elderberries grown in only our orchard. We meticulously inspect every berry before hand picking, so we know they will have the highest quality of flavors for our wines and juices. 

We are now members of 
Pride of Dakota!


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